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  1. I still haven't been diagnosed with anything because I do not have the money to keep going to the doctors, but I have managed to see a cardiologist and my heart was fine. There was nothing physically wrong with my heart. The person who recommended that I see a cardiologist just in case, also recommended that I see a neurologist, which I haven't done yet.
  2. This is late and I have an a bunch of food now. Then, pretty much all I can afford was ramen as it was less than a dollar and I live on campus. I asked for food for Christmas so I won't run out of money again. I also only had $11.
  3. Due to circumstances I have been unable to eat enough food for the past few days. Today I was able to get some money to buy myself something to eat, like ramen, and I had around a serving and a half. I also had some chips and a chocolate bar before going into work. The ramen was after work. I am also unable to eat anything more because I feel full, and the food keeps coming back up. It sucks. I know that not eating can cause heart palpitations because of low blood sugar, but is it supposed to continue after I eat? I thought eating would help with that. I mean it did lighten the nausea somewhat.
  4. Reading through some of these post remind me of how my problems started. It's mostly on and off, well the really rough symptoms are, but it hasn't gotten so bad yet. My blood pressure can either go up or down when standing, but I still get the tachycardia when standing.
  5. I actually found out through this forum that there are people like me who forget how to breathe. I started having this kind of problem with breathing where I realize that I was holding my breath and I would have think about how to breathe months ago, and I looked it up and found this forum. I also search dysautonomia since I was wondering if they were connected. Does anyone else currently suffer from this problem? Are there any triggers that you know of? Is there a specific term for this? What makes it better?
  6. I don't have a diagnosis for most of my physical problems sadly. I do have a clinic on campus but I will still have to pay for it. The counselor is free but I'm waiting until I am not as busy to go because it takes me a while to get work done.
  7. I have gone to the disability offices before and the only accommodation I have is extra testing time. I remember try to get other accommodations but I needed another letter from my psych. Now I don't see my psych anymore, so I can't get a letter. It would be nice if I didn't have to be a full time student, but unfortunately that's the only way for me to get financial aid. I think I might go to the counselors though.
  8. I just have a hard time bringing it up, and I'm worried that it's too late for me. I don't know how to word it, and I'm also worried that maybe I'm blowing everything out of proportion and if I just tried harder I wouldn't be struggling.
  9. I'm sort of struggling in school right now and I think it's a combination between my mental illnesses and poor physical health. I am not getting treated for any of them, which sucks because not only do I have to deal with poor concentration and mood swings, but now I also have fun symptoms such as getting nauseous a lot, frequent breathing problems, fatigue, and sometimes collapsing/passing out. I just don't know how to discuss this with my professors, because these symptoms are making it hard for me to do my homework, and I unfortunately have a lot of work to do. I can't afford treatment because all of my money goes to school payments and I only make around $200 a month if I'm lucky.
  10. I didn't even realize that others replied to this topic. @TCP I don't really have a doctor right now. The only doctors I see are the ones at my school and I recently had to change my insurance. The money I make goes to school payments. @statesof I've just been diagnosed with Hypermobility.
  11. Sominex really knocks me out but they aren't available where I'm at. I do take Advil PM, which does help with pain, but I usually have to take more than the recommended dose in order to stay asleep. I also got flux for my computer and twilight for my phone. Both programs change the color of the screen to something with an orange or red tint. Unfortunately the lights in my dorm are really bright, and I sleep by the windows, and the football field is right across, which means more light coming in.
  12. I joined a while back but I forgot about this forum. I don't have a diagnosis but I think I could have POTS. I was supposed to get some cardiac test but I'm too poor to afford that. My heart does tend to increase when I stand up, from 80s to 120s and I do get rather light headed. I also have problems where I'm holding my breath without meaning too and it takes me a while to just breathe. It's like I have to remind myself to breathe. I'm not sure if my symptoms are getting worse or not but I've been feeling ill more often. I'll be at work at it's hard for me to do something because I feel lightheaded and unable to breathe properly. The sad thing is is that I have to find another job and those jobs usually involve standing up for long periods of time. I do like my current job though because I don't have to interact with customers. I also have hypermobility syndrome. I just have to find out a way to manage my symptoms.
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