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Diagnosed with Dysautonomia

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Some of you probably read my previous post. I have since then been diagnosed with Dysautonomia and Mitral Valve Prolapse with Trace Regurgitation. The main symptom that is bothersome is my sensitivity to herbs and drugs. Any way to treat that, such as treating dysautonomia itself? Will cutting back on sugar and drinking lots of water help? Will any supplements help? What do you guys suggest I do? How long will it take before I see results?

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JoeJack, you'll want to read through the "what helps" section of the main dinet site:


There is a review there of non pharmaceutical interventions.


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the link nina gave is definitely a "must read". i just wanted to add though that even those with the same or similar diagnoses have incredibly varied reactions in terms of treatments, time to take effect, foods that help/hurt, etc....there are definitely things that help more people than not, and things that tend to work more quickly than other things, but there is definitely nothing steadfast that is for sure for everyone at all times. good luck figuring out what works best for you & your body....


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