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Just Diagnosed with POTS

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Hi everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself...I've had the chest pains, fainting-like syndroms, etc that go along with POTS for the past 10 years..since 2nd grade. Went to doctors and got told it was growth spurts, hormones, in my head. Finally I gave up and just lived with it..the past year though things got a lot worse...I started passing out 5 times a week regulary...could hardly handle my college courses...and worst off didn't have the energy to dance (I'm a professional ballroom dancer). Well I went to see another doctor...ended up in the ER and they decided I was epilectic my mom knew that wasn't the case and found this website she decided enough was enough and got me an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic.

Well I am 19 and after 10 years finally got my diagnosis of POTS with vasovagal reflex...sinual arrythimia...and a nitro valve prolapse. I tried to take it all well...for my family's sake I am trying not to let my attitude or daily activites really change but they don't understand how hard all this is. My fiance has been a dream and he is being really supportive. He's seen how I've changed and right now any task feels like a huge chore I'm just so exhausted and I feel so bad because life is so hectic right now.

Well thats enough about me....THANK YOU TO you ALL for having such an awsome board that I've lurked on the past month while waiting for my diagnosis its been a really big help!



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welcome to the forum, sorry that you have pots, but glad that you finally know what is causing you to feel poorly.


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Hi BallroomA!

You're like me- young and a student and you too waited about a decade for the right answers! I've been on these boards for just over 6 months now and I see the same story repeating over and over every time a new person comes and says hi.

It makes me sad that so many people have been on the depressing journey that I had to make.

But I feel glad that we can empathise and understand each other here.

I'm glad you found us. I'd be lost without my friends on the forum here- people I know in real life as opposed to my cyber one just don't know how it feels at all.

So....thanks for popping by, and hope to see you back here posting often :)

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Ballroom -

Welcome! Sorry you have to be here but glad you found the forum....I too had gradual/ progressively worse fainting that got me a diagnosis around your age - I'm now 25 - and can definitely relate to the difficulty of trying to remain upright while at the same time making it through school. There's a lot of great info on the site - both from the main page & on the forum - so look around as you're able & join in. Looking forward to getting to know you...

Hang in there!


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