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Zofran causing severe constipation- alternative?

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Hey, everyone! I've been taking Zofran as needed for several years now to deal with my pretty severe nausea that happens pretty much every time I eat right now. The entire time I've taken Zofran it has worsened my constipation issues and I dealt with it okay; however, now that I've had to add an anti-psychotic that also has constipation as a side-effect, I am no longer able to deal with the constipation issues. I'm in the process of seeking a second opinion to get off of the anti-psychotic, but that's been delayed due to long wait lists. I'll be seeing my PCP in about a month for follow up and I'll be talking to him about Zofran alternatives, but I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with anti-nausea meds that aren't Zofran, which might not cause such bad constipation?

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Guest KiminOrlando

Phenergan also known as Promethazine. I take it for nausea associated with one of my Rheumatoid Arthritis meds. You may have to get prior authorization from insurance and supporting documentation from your doctor before insurance will approve it. I did. 

Hope this helps. 


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I take 2mg valium, 1 - 2 pills up to three times a day as needed, I have vertigo. These don't bother me with a drying effect, my doctor prescribed it to me knowing that I already have problems, I had a fissure, so he didn't want that to happen again. Do ask about the valium, I take the generic diazepam and get a 90 pill bottle once a month which gets me through fine. The script is dirt cheap too--I think my copay is about four bucks. It works for nausea, the spins or fuzzhead that I get with vertigo, and it also takes the edge off of stress which is a big trigger for me. I hope you feel better soon.


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