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24hr urine collection colour

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I assume quite a number of you chaps have also had 24 hour urine collections looking for a pheo or carcinoid etc.

I completed one a year ago and am doing another one now and I wonder if my urine is actually quite dark given the volume!

This is about 3.75 litres just after finishing.


Does the look about right? I would assume I was dehydrated if it wasnt for the amount of water I had drunk.

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Mine is typically much lighter in color. It is probably great that you are having another one done. I know that color is something they look at and testing should alert you to any issues.


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Yes I'd also expect it to be lighter in color, esp since your taking in increased fluids. here in the states the lab will usually include the color and clarity of the sample, is this done where you are?  Might be helpful for your Dr. To know.

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