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Breaking through the fog.

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My neurologist has me on a therapy I call 'Muse it or Lost it', where I have to learn new things everyday, or make things with my hands, write anything, if I want to adult color okay but I have to do my own line drawings first. I try new recipes (big fave with Hubs!), watch educational videos, and otherwise try to be creative and exercise my brain to create pathways through or around the fog. I'm starting to process my diagnosis and am working through that wanting is not the same as having. I wrote a poem.

The Day After.

Laying back upon my bed,

My right leg up, my toes wide spread.

My hands are pressed hard to my eyes,

They cannot move, not side to side.

Flashing lights in back of my head,

With inaudible sounds loud as words unread.

I twist and contort until the waves subside,

I’ll sit, then I’ll stand, I’ll step forward in stride.

I am up. It is over. I go back to my life.

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Wish I could write poems....nicely done.

Daily I do one of 3 brain activities-one is a computer game of "Spades", the other is Majong on my computer and the third is Sudoku-going from easy to hard in difficulty....some days I can do any of these well. Recently, with the heat and doing things outside a bit, I am failing every attempt...but at least I know why-temp here in NC in the 90's and humid right now.


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