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Another Dysautonomia VS mast cell question?

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This morning while in a store ( don't know if I should name the store), I began to feel shaky, weak, darkening vision and knew I was in trouble. Made it home and then had stomach issues, loose stool etc... Blood Pressure was odd,  High diastolic  making a very low pulse pressure. Lay in bed with pillows under my knees until I recovered a bit. I have had this happen with this store before but also have made trips without this occurring. I am wondering if anyone has had a reaction like this that does NOT have mast cell issues ?  My doctor is sending me back to immunology to check this. I have had elevated tryptase and a few other markers but feel worse and not better on antihistamines or mast cell stabilizers. So wondered if this type of reaction could be from autonomic issues alone. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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When I first was diagnosed I had a high heart rate upon standing and was told probably pots. Over the years the high heart rate happens but much less often. At the Mayo they ran tests that showed reduced sweating and low blood volume and doctors weren't convinced of pots.  Autonomic dysfunction and autonomic neuropathy  was discussed more, with advice on fluid and salt loading.  Thank you for sharing. Just uncertain as to what to pursue. Hope you are feeling well today:).


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