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Concerns about upcoming ANS testing


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Hey everyone, just a short heath summary. I started getting sick 2 1/2 years ago after having my son. It started with daily fevers, weakness, gastropherisis  constant nausea, aches and pains and racing heart along with chest pain. I went to several doctors and specialist Who couldn't seem to figure out what was going on. In April I flew across the country to go to the Cleveland clinic in Ohio. I had a tilt table test and was diagnosed with Nueropathic POTS, I also have an Arnold Chairi malformation of my brain which has contributed to my autonomic nervous system malfunctioning. Anyway I go back next month to have a QSART test done, an autonomic battery and a hemodynamics nuclear test done. I am terrified of the last test as I have a bad reaction to contrast. I was just wondering if anyone has had the test done and what to expect. Thank you for reading! 

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Hi Brittni,

I had hemodynamic testing at Cleveland Clinic last year.  Since I am allergic to shellfish (and a million other things), they modified the dye being used (it did have a radioactive tracer though).  I was really terrified about going into anaphylaxis, but didn't have any reaction to the dye.  They injected the dye into my iv line several different times during the test (while in different positions), it was a little uncomfortable but not horrible.  I found the test helpful in that I was able to learn that my circulation is hyperkinetic while lying flat.  Now that the top of my bed is on 6 inch risers I have a lot less issues when lying down (I also - finally - sleep through the night now and don't have to urinate every few minutes).  I had the QSART as well - that wasn't a big deal at all.



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