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syncope in bed with paralysis?

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Hi everyone,

this happened to me last night and was really odd. I woked up feeling groggy and then passed right out- I had that awful buzzing in my ears and the sense of heaviness/ being tipped upside down.

I tried to call out to my mum but I couldn't move. I felt really scared, as if something awful would happen. SO scary!

I wonder if I could have had my bed at too steep an incline (I tried to increase it so I would feel better today...yesterday was not good).

In the end I had to go to bed with my mum so she could keep an eye on me. I was slurring my words and heavy on one side.

Anyone else ever get this- or understand wha tmight've caused this? I odn't think it could be POTSy- I wasn't upright at the time. I wonder if it was a variant of VVS but then how likely is that to happen sitting down or lying down?

Maybe you could offer some opinions? If it's relevant, I do have a virus at th emoment and am a bit achy--but no fever/temp, and Dr says I'm ok...

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I too have recently started fainting while in bed, or in the dentist chair, while getting a facial, etc. I have never fainted while standing, just POTS. The cardio put me on Toprol XL which seems to be helping (I would have thought that lowering bp would make it worse?). Weird to me, but the doc had heard of this happening before with Dysautonomia.

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I have had simiiar experiences in the past. I know what you mean by the buzzing and feeling upside down. Is it POTS related? I don't know. I do know that it oftentimes is followed by an excruitiating migraine. Sometimes, I have even experienced "flashing lights" during this experience. A neurologist once told me that the migraine process in your brain is similiar to seizure activity so the "flashing lights" and "buzzing" which seem seizure in nature can in fact be a migraine. And you definitely can have an atypical migraine which has the above symptoms without ever resulting in a "headache". It's really bizarre. And then- back to the POTS- an erratic heart can cause a disruption of oxygen to the brain which can cause these freaky migraines or syncopal episodes like you described. Of course, if this is the first time you've experienced this- (especially with the slurred speech and temporary paralysis) get it checked out. Rarely, it can be significant so don't take chances.


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i agree that if these symptoms are entirely new for you it's a good idea to run them by your doc "just in case" but like others can relate to just about all that you're describing....if not currently at some time over the years....i actually cannot tolerate tilting my bed at all without losing all feeling in my feet/lower legs. i have never awakened to pass out, but in the midst of a bad spell have gone "in" & "out" while laying. my take (agreed to by docs) is that my body was still sort of "recovering" for the upright stress. i have passed out from sitting but only if i'm already not feeling well.

i think it's significant that you're fighting a bug/virus of some sort, however minor. this can really wreck havoc on your system, often focusing on the "weakest link", i.e the autonomic system.

so...don't worry too much but give the doc a ring...

i hope you're back to your feeling great self soon & while i'm sorry you're having a tough time i'm glad that it didn't happen in the middle of your graduation festivities.

let us know how you're doing...


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I went to the Doc yesterday because I felt much worse as the day went on- she didn't even take my bp and pulse standing; she just said that because I was sitting and it was ok (it nearly always is when I SIT!!!) then I was ok.

Gee- great!

But she did prescribe antibiotics. Every time I get a virus this happens- I'm supposed to take antibiotics as soon as I get a virus, right? Every single time I go over to the Docs, they say "No, antibiotics won't help this...." and then 2 or 3 days later I get really, really ill. then when I go back they say "Have some antibiotics." don't these peopole understand that 2 or 3 days makes all trhe difference?

Grrrrr :rolleyes:

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Hi, Im sort of new and havn't been diagnosed with POTS yet, but im 99% sure i have it. My friend has POTS and he suffers from sleep paralasis, he wakes up and cant moove and sees things, i havnt yet asked him if hes passed out.

Me and my friend are so alike, we go through the same symptoms and related to each other very well, thats why im certian i have POTS. When i lie on my one side i get symptoms really bad, and i have woken up and im sure i pass out, one minute im normal the next its morning time.

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