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Fainted During TTT Still No Diagnosis - Please Help!


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I have IST and a heart murmur and have been suffering from unexplained chronic pain and neuropathy that is most prominent in my left leg. I have been tested for pretty much everything you can imagine. Recently I returned to the neurologist and he noted my resting heart rate was 140. I explained that every so often I have a very high heart rate at the doctor's and am urged to see a cardiologist but I'm always told that I am fine (minus the IST). This time, the neurologist ordered the crude version of a TTT and my results were resoundingly conclusive of POTs. He insisted on a TTT which I had. However, the results were strange. My heart rate was abnormally low that day (it is generally 90 lying down, 120 resting, and 140 moving around) and, while I passed out during the test, my heart rate only dropped to about 80 from about 110. They could not get a reading on my BP. I am at a loss because the cardiologist said she had never experienced this before and has no idea what I have. Has this happened to anyone here? I feel so lost because I know I have a neurological disorder due to the severe nerve pain and I have many POTS symptoms...


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Guest ANCY

Sounds very similar to my first TTT while I did not pass out my blood pressure dropped down to 70s/50s and the NP who was doing the test was very surprised that I didn't pass out, he did end the test early because they already had enough information for a diagnosis and he didnt want me to pass out. My heart rate had also gone from 90s sitting to 1 30s during the tilt, I had periodic drops in heart rate but it would return to the 1 30s. This is very diffrent from my current status as I've had major shifts in symptoms. My team does not feel I need another TTT because my condition is very obvious for POTS/NCS and I now have a pacemaker so they know what my heart is doing 100% of the time, at least for hr and rythym.

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