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POTS and Severe Dehydration?

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I was diagnosed with POTS on 5/5/2017, and also have an Ehler's Danlos diagnosis.  The neurologist that diagnosed me said that I've probably suffered from POTS for a long time, with how long I've had migraines/dehydration/syncope issues. 

My biggest question is about hydration.  I know we're supposed to drink more water than others, and my doctors/physical therapist (So lucky to get someone who's an expert in POTS and EDS III) say it should be around 2-2.5 liters. What I've noticed, though, is even if I hit my goal water mark (2 Liters), I can go lay down, fall asleep, or get up after an hour having to pee like a freaking racehorse, but my urine still comes out a deep yellow/Orange. At the same time, I have all the signs of dehydration, mouth is incredibly dry, stand up and immediately get dizzy.  Has anyone dealt with something like this? 

Currently, I am on salt tablets and increased sodium, increased water, and I'm waiting to go to Cardiology for a cardiac work up, but who knows what may come with that. 

Any tips? 

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I have POTS and EDS. The addition of Florinef, a mineralocorticoid class of steroid, can help you hold the salt and water. I've also had Addison's for 30 years. I had some of the same symptoms you describe from that as well. I think I had POTS for years before it was diagnosed because of the overlapping symptoms. Let's just say I've passed out plenty over the years. I was already taking Florinef and they just thought I needed more. It worked for a while and my POTS symptoms waxed and waned for years. Finally, it became full blown and it was obviously POTS as well as Addison's. A strange combination and difficult puzzle. My endocrinologist sees patients who are eventually diagnosed with POTS to rule out Addison's fairly frequently. They rarely have both but I did. Just a thought but keep it in mind if you don't get relief or have other symptoms POTS can't explain because Addison's can be hard to diagnose. Good luck.

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