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Extreme thirst after episode - Normal?

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Hello everyone.   I'm curious if anyone experiences this.  When I have a bad episode (tachy, fainty, spinning, generally feeling like my body has gone  scary crazy) I can tell when the episode is starting to end by the EXTREME thirst that comes.  It's as if I can't get enough fluids for a long period and my mouth is like cotton.  This has happened since I first got sick.  Does this happen to anyone or any ideas why this happens?

Be well!

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Guest KiminOrlando

Yes! When that happens I drink as much as I can because I think it is my body telling me it needs it. For me I have noticed that I get thirsty before an episode, just a little, and if I drink, it can delay symptoms sometimes.

I always have a drink with me. ALWAYS. I sleep with water by my bed. Sometimes I even refill the glass in the middle of the night. I buy purses big enough to carry bottles of water with me when I leave the house. Earlier this week I went clothes shopping unexpectedly  (Grand Opening SALE!) and ran out of water in the dressing room which makes me a bit panicky.  BUT.... I ? Florida because at the check out line is a refrigerator with water and Gatorade... I drank one before I finished checking out. I was hot, sweating, out of breath, tachy and my legs and ankles had swollen huge, but I got two blouses. Then I got to my scorching hot car where the temperature guage said 101° F outside and drank the other one on the way home. 

When July and August come around, you may have to remind me that I like Florida. ???

For me, being sensitive to my thirst ques has helped.



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Thanks for responding Kim.  Like you, a bottle of liquid is always by my side.  Lol.

I'm sure that my body needs it when I crave it so badly.  It just seems that when I am fully hydrated before a major episode, the extreme craving when it is "ending" is strange.  It's always my sign that the craziness is settling down.  And of course that I will be running to the bathroom for the next several hours! 

Not sure I would survive a summer in Florida!  Stay cool!!



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