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Alternatives and Additives to Salt Treatment?


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Hi All,

I'm wondering if any POTS sufferers have tried other supplements for increasing blood pressure / heart rate (chronotropes) / heart contraction strength (inotropes)?

I have had considerable success with the below in addition to salt (to reduce the required salt dose):

Increase sympathetic tone (counterbalance excess parasympathetic tone):
- Tyrosine (also inotropic)
- B vitamins
- Iodine & Selenium (act via thyroid hormone)

Inotropes and Chronotropes (increase heart contractile strength and rate)
- Calcium
- Gingko
- There is also evidence that Rosemary is a positive inotrope, but I haven't tried it yet

Improve blood perfusion
- Fish oil (though this may counterproductively lower blood pressure slightly)

Does anyone know of any other supplements with evidence behind them?


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