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  1. Hi All, I'm wondering if any POTS sufferers have tried other supplements for increasing blood pressure / heart rate (chronotropes) / heart contraction strength (inotropes)? I have had considerable success with the below in addition to salt (to reduce the required salt dose): Increase sympathetic tone (counterbalance excess parasympathetic tone): ====================== - Tyrosine (also inotropic) - B vitamins - Iodine & Selenium (act via thyroid hormone) Inotropes and Chronotropes (increase heart contractile strength and rate) ====================== - Calcium - Gin
  2. Even on 10g salt and ~3 pints of water, my stats are only slightly increased at 127/70, HR 48. But I feel *so* much better. My vision is actually considerably brighter and I can concentrate. I don't understand it.
  3. It seems a number of people are being advised to take at least 10g of salt per day: I don't think my doctor will have the faintest clue, but hey. :-) Yes, as I have normal BP, I don't know why salt helps, but it does. It does increase my BP, but still seems to leave my HR the same. It effectively "cures" me. I have energy and focus and don't fall asleep.
  4. Hello Kim, thank you for all that :-) I'm in the UK - I have not been referred to a cardiologist yet. I think I will go privately to one who deals with things like dysautonomia. I find if you've got something unusual, there's no point going to see a mainstream doctor - it will just be emotionally distressing and result in no helpful outcome. There is a list of specialists on the Dysautonomia UK website - I will go to one of them I think :-) I saw a general physician here on the NHS (like a GP/internist but more qualified and hospital-based). I have intermittent oedema of the face, ab
  5. Just low HR, Yogini. A typical reading for me would be Sys 120 / Dia 70 / HR 41. Very occasionally my blood pressure numbers will tumble down. I have tried many things. Caffeine will work for a brief period (say, an afternoon) once maybe every couple of weeks when my system has had time to regenerate. Any more often than that and it actually just exhausts me and sends me straight to bed - so it's not a sustainable treatment.
  6. Hello all :-) I don't have a diagnosis of dysautonomia. But, I'm a 38 y/o guy and I have had a bradycardia for 3 years, along with pain in the neck at the left carotid. So, the autonomic / parasympathetic / vagus system is obviously involved. It has been an honest-to-god nightmare. The main problem is trying to do academic work. But I get fatigue and excess sleepiness. It was all much more handleable when I was still smoking cigarettes (nicotine stimulation and vasoconstriction). But I managed to stop that 5 weeks ago, and since then the fatigue / difficulty doing work has been a me
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