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Fluctuating orthostatic hypotension with tachycardia??


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When I went to see a cardiologist a few months ago it was based on my many symptoms and also me doing the poor mans standing test and half the time I'd have increase of more than 30bpm that was sustained and sometimes it would go back to just 10 or so over within 2 minutes. Cardiologist has said I have mild dysautonomia.  Since then I've got myself a HR monitor and proper BP monitor and HR doesn't always go up when standing and doesn't always stay high when standing like I had thought. But it does jump around a lot. My bp is always on the low side (around 110/65 or 100/60) and not noticeably lower on standing (was actually higher when tested by cardiologist) but I just took it (standing) after fairly long day of lots of standing and up and down stairs etc racing after my 2 year old and feeling pretty wiped and it's 96/65 but my HR was only 72!!! That's my sitting resting HR (lying is around 60). I feel so confused. Is this dysautonomia or something else that is causing low bp?? sometimes my diastolic gets into the late 50's and I usually feel awful then. I'm trying to eat lots of salt but struggling a bit with what to eat??

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Many patients with dysautonomia have fluctuating bp.   Actually even people who are well experience bp variations throughout the day.  That said 96/65 would be considered low, I believe.  But yes, many patients with dysautonomia have low bp, particularly on standing. 

It's possible to take salt tablets--I did that for awhile.  You should talk to your doctor though before doing that to know how much to take if at all.  Taking too much salt can cause your kidneys to waste potassium (according to my EP).  So it can be a balancing act.

If you are concerned about your bp you could keep a log and share with your doctor.  From what I understand, a log of multiple readings over time is more valuable info than a few readings (bc fluctuation is fairly normal in healthy people) to help determine what treatment would be helpful.


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