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  1. Thanks I’m trying to take that attitude now. I had a bad episode last night and as much as the beeps can be disconcerting I’m glad they were caught.
  2. Ok thanks, that’s really helpful. I actually wrote to the company who supply the equipment and that’s eased my mind too as they do record tachy and ectopics etc. I know I get those. Only had 24hr holter and that just showed ectopics and 1 short Svt. And yes they will send daily to cardiologist so if anything really concerning they would contact me.
  3. My holter only showed some ectopics, 1 short svt. Now I’m on loop event that I push for symptoms but also it will auto record when it sees something abnormal. It beeps when this happens and it’s been beeping a lot and now I am totally freaked out at what is going on?!?! I didn’t think it would bother recording ectopics as only holds 8 recordings and says send once a day. And why would it record if just sinus tachycardia? So I can’t help but worry that there are some dangerous arrhythmia’s like a-fib or ventricular tachycardia that is being picked up. I can’t wear this for a month when I’m that freaked out whenever it beeps!!!! For anyone who’s had event recorders that have auto trigger what kind of events did they pick up????
  4. anyone use one of these and get really weird readings?? I’m having weird drops from like 90-50 then up to 130, this is just sitting or it’ll say 60 when I’m standing?!!! I don’t know if this is an issue with the monitor or something I should worry about? When I try and take my pulse it’ll match the number but the weird number is usually so fleeting I don’t know if it’s real. Even when I’m just sitting still it changes by 1/2 every beat.
  5. When I went to see a cardiologist a few months ago it was based on my many symptoms and also me doing the poor mans standing test and half the time I'd have increase of more than 30bpm that was sustained and sometimes it would go back to just 10 or so over within 2 minutes. Cardiologist has said I have mild dysautonomia. Since then I've got myself a HR monitor and proper BP monitor and HR doesn't always go up when standing and doesn't always stay high when standing like I had thought. But it does jump around a lot. My bp is always on the low side (around 110/65 or 100/60) and not noticeably lower on standing (was actually higher when tested by cardiologist) but I just took it (standing) after fairly long day of lots of standing and up and down stairs etc racing after my 2 year old and feeling pretty wiped and it's 96/65 but my HR was only 72!!! That's my sitting resting HR (lying is around 60). I feel so confused. Is this dysautonomia or something else that is causing low bp?? sometimes my diastolic gets into the late 50's and I usually feel awful then. I'm trying to eat lots of salt but struggling a bit with what to eat??
  6. I'm really interested to read this thread. I went to a cardiologist wondering if I had POTS as after years of intermittent dizziness /lightheaded I noticed that my HR was going up a lot when I stood up. Sometimes it was sustained past +30bpm for 10 minutes but often it dropped back to normal. Cardiologist diagnosed me as mild dysautonomia and mild mitral valve prolapse. I passed my stress test. He suggested I start back at exercise, but go lightly so I bought myself a pulse watch thing. And a proper BP monitor. It's been illuminating!! Now I'm realising that my HR randomly goes high for no reason. Like up to 100 when lying down and can be 70 standing still. My Bp averages about 95/60, at times it's up to 130 but I think diastolic is always 60 or lower. My BP at doctors is always normal but my cardiologist did say that I could just be getting anxious at appointments. So it's likely I have low BP and totally random HR??? Is that dysautonomia or something else??? I had a low of 38bpm on my holter but otherwise nothing too worrying. I noticed my hr went down 45 standing up the other day. I'm not wearing now as it's freaking me out!!!
  7. Thanks! I kind of suspected this but wasn't really sure. How are you reactivating your cerebellum and frontal lobe?? Or do you mean using your mind to calm yourself down? I used to meditate a lot I really need to get back into it....
  8. Recent echo revealed mitral valve prolapse. Thought maybe pots but HR doesn't always stay elevated more than 30secs so cardiologist thinks mild dysautonomia. I'm noticing that I'm getting a lot of the symptoms of feeling lightheaded/ dizzy, brain fog, feels like heart racing at the slightest bit of stress. Like even my 2 year old screaming at me or driving (i hate driving). Is this common or anxiety? When I take my pulse it's not always fast
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