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Syncope whilst supine/ feeling of facial paralysis


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When I am pre syncopal lying down usually does the trick and I don't faint , whilst shopping at the supermarket felt the usual warning signs but even though I managed to lay down I still passed out , according to the first aider  twice but I don't remember . She also said when I came around I kept holding my breath don't remember that either , I do remember though not being able to move my face it felt paralysed as the paramedics arrived . ( store staff called them as they thought a was having heart attack embarrassing!)I usually not able to communicate after an episode but this actually felt very different and really shook me up , it wasn't a pleasant experience ! 

Just wondering if anyone else has fainted whilst laying down or a feeling of paralysis, this is a new one for me ?!

Thanks ! 

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Hi, I'm soo sorry to hear about this. I hope your feeling better now?  I've passed out in public also, it was horrible. I've never had any syncopal episodes while supine or experienced the numbness of the face... I'd suggest calling your doctor who handles your dysautonomia/POTS. I'm sorry I don't have anything very useful to suggest, just wanted to say I'm sorry this happened!

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Oh yes! I had the same issues, before midodrine and pacemaker.  I couldn't do ankle pumps, laying flat, without passing out. They put me on a ton of midodrine and that really seems to help. Pacemaker helped even  more, but thwt, of course, is not the answer for everyone..how 

Your friend,




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Thanks for your support everyone it always comforting to read of others experiences , you get use to your normal episodes so when something different happens it can be unsettling, how I wish none of us had to deal With these problems ever again!

sarah thank you for your kind words I am struggling again but hoping this is just a set back for a short time , been very careful not to push too hard . 

Dad of pots son sorry to hear he does this in his sleep too bad enough whilst laying down, thank you for sharing

ancy yes midodrine has really helped me so far to stop the daily attacks and my BP  on the whole is better 

thanks everyone I feel more at ease with your input ?

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