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Low pulse ox at night

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Home Health Care has been coming out two or three times a week since I was released from the hospital three weeks ago. Along the way one of them suggested to my PCP that an overnight measure of my pulse ox would be good since I have SOB and chest pain, along with my other POTS symptoms. So a currier dropped one off last Fri evening and picked it back up Sat AM  I got the results back today and it showed my O2 drops down below normal during the night for 10-15 minutes periods. Mostly these low values were in the 80s but one was as low as 58%. I was referred to new cardiologist. They were supposed to get me in pretty quick.

I went to one cardiologist for chest pain exactly two years ago, who found an abnormal ECG but a normal ECHO. Also of note, I did have that over night hooked up to six gazillion wires thing 4.5 years ago and it did not show sleep apnea or any other abnormality. My ex-husband (of 32 years), who is a physician, swears I don't have obstructive sleep apnea. 

My question is, for those of you who've had low O2 readings at night, and it wasn't caused by obstructive sleep apnea, what did they do about it? Like would they just run some oxygen to me over night? Is anybody here getting that?   

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My Son#2 has this problem!  It has been determined that he has Hypopnia! " During sleep, hypopnea is classed as a sleep disorder. With moderate to severe hypopnea, sleep is disturbed such that patients may get a full night's sleep but still not feel rested because they did not get the right kind of sleep. The disruption in breathing causes a drop in blood oxygen level, which may in turn disrupt the stages of sleep."  He most always had his syncope during the day time, and a few times he had convulsive syncope and or seizures during the syncope events, but we were shocked one night when about 2:30 am he had a seizure in his sleep, test were done and it was determined he had Hypopnia causing syncope in his sleep.


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