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Does it exist? An Assistive Walking Device Easy on the Hands


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Despite being lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with accessible sidewalks I'm often confined to my apartment. I do my best to get out once a week and love being outside but fall after fall on concrete takes its toll. I've researched mobility aids but my neck/back spasms and chronic hand/wrist/arm pain make canes, rolling walkers, and manual wheelchairs all painfully ineffective solutions. An electric wheelchair is also beyond my means, not to mention tricky living on the second floor.

I've continually found myself wishing for a leaning walker, where I could place the majority of my weight on a pad by leaning forward onto the flats of my arms (without having to stoop over)...but I haven't been able turn up anything even close. So does anything similar exist? Has anyone else with similar hand/wrist issues found a good mobility solution (that allows you to maintain upright posture as much as possible)?

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4 hours ago, dancer65 said:

I have seen walking aids with arm rests for people with arthritis would that be any help ? 

Try googling Provo or troja forearm rollators they are made so you don't have to stoop 

Ah yes, that provo forearm rollator is really close to what I was envisioning, thank you! Ouch, that price tag though. I wonder if my insurance might be able to help before it runs out? Not turning anything up any places that carry that type and accept insurance though hmm

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