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Meditation helping sleep


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I have just starting meditating and I am beginning to see the benefits (I think it's the meditation as that's the only thing that's new) I really have a hard time clearing my mind as I am a worrier. I use to have nightmares and would shout and scream according to my husband these have stopped and this week I have managed to fall asleep within an hour and have a full nights sleep. 

i know many of you meditate I can't afford a course as I am only working part time would love any recommendation of a book etc that you have found to be beneficial. I would partially like to work on dealing with stress 

hope you all have a good weekend :)

many thanks 

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Hi dancer,

I found the book "Where Ever You Go, There You Are", by Jon Kabat-Zinn to be a great book to teach how you can incorporate meditation into everyday life. The chapters are short and have a simple meditation practice at the end of each chapter. It's an easy read.

Glad this is helping you!


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