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Why A Second Tilt Table Test?

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My autonomic specialist did it because he just doesn't trust the methods of other docs less educated in dysautonomia. And, he has equipment that did a constant monitor of bp vs. period reading.

We repeated recently because it had been 5 yrs and my symptoms are uncontrolled so he wanted to verify if anything had changed with my heart rate or bp.

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Unhappy about this. My doctor suggest a 2nd TTT today. My first was quite unpleasant though positive (no pass out). One reason he stated is that he doesn't use nitro or anything for that matter because anyone will react in some way to it. He needs more information for our course of action... Here we go again.

Also I had a bad experience with the staff, process and this next TTT will be in a diff. location. I am on Florinef and asked about this. He said stay on it for the test. I wonder how this will affect the results.

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