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Rant...so Mad...medical Industry Wants Money


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So MAD, finally broke down and went to ER for bouncing HR and high....just felt awful....they took me right away got vitals and eckg...seen the bouncing but was more questioning HR resting at 110 I tried to explain I had pots because they wanted me to stand for chest x Ray ....I know I am not having a HR...anyway...of coarse they have no clue ....asking me if I had coffee or what I was doing... Ummm no and laying down like I am here....

Then they leave me sitting for 2 hours nothing ask they say we don't have your results and no beds....ok ...the told to go back and wait in lobby.....ok....I decide after 3 hours if they don't have my results and at this point my HR finally settled then I a, going home... Once I say going home they chase me to come back cuz now they have a bed? And want to start an IV....why? Just told me you have no results...I might be dehydrated ...that I can tell you NOWAY after 90 oz nope try again....then I say well can you give me results you have they don't have any them why start an IV...

I understand ER is a place to wait ....but the lack of communication and the I am going to leave and owned help....money hungry is how it feels to me...hopefully I will not make this mistake again...I been tempted so many times....this should stick with my be used it will be all out of pocket.....deductible has not been met....then then girl in front was so rude.......my 18 yr old was wow does she not know she is at work and not talking to her mom with attitude? Gives me hope bad attitude mistreat customers still keep job....I am beyond mad...

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I have had somewhat similar experiences in the ER. Earlier on in my illness prior to diagnosis when I would have significant tachycardia and other symptoms I didn't know what was wrong and what else to do and went to the ER. Unfortunately ER doctors are too often not familiar with POTS. Once they determine you don't have a life-threatening problem they are likely to make your care lower priority. Too often for me the experience was exhausting and I left with no help or answers and feeling just as badly if not even worse. What helped and helps me the most in these situations has been IV saline. If you have a diagnosis of POTS it MAY help at the ER. Since diagnosis I have been to the ER once and I told them my diagnosis and within a short time I was given IV fluids -- and I felt so much better.

So sorry you had a bad experience. Hope you can rest and feel better soon.

I am sure BTW there is a process for submitting complaints/feedback to the hospital, if you choose to do that.

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Because the ERs tend to put you on a lower priority if not life-threatening, why not try an urgent care next time? They would probably give you more individual attention and can do most testing AND give an IV if needed. Plus, way cheaper on your deductible! Just a thought.

I don't go to ERs at all anymore. I went twice in 15 years because I had trouble breathing, but nobody knows why. It was from stomach bloating that pressed up into my chest, or that was my "diagnosis" from knowing my issues. It was a waste of time and money, and an embarrassment. I told my husband I will only go if I pass out at home(not normal for me!). I will have to show absolute alarming signs for them to see, even though I may have a ton of symptoms! I can't handle the way they treat me at the ER.

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Thank you both, when I went to urgent care they told me to go to ER last time....and neither the urgent care or ER dr heard of POTS and didn't even bother to figure out what is was.....I do have a appt to see my cardio tomorrow maybe he can offer something to do next time but I am guessing there will be at some point...this is the 2nd espisode....and some how it just seems to go away...but my question is why is it happening....at least I have it all on video showing the espisode this time...not sure it will help, but something to show or explains...

I filed two formal complaints....I don't know that anything will come out of it but hopefully at the least it will be addressed...I am glad I don't have a life threatening issue....but it sure is not fun as you know....today my HR has been low all day...which is good in case it decides to spike but i literally feel it...I am it sure how to explain it...it's almost like my brain can guess my pulse based on how clear I can think, the level of tightness in chest or lack of, and level,of dizziness....makes me sound weird I suppose....

But let's see what dr days tomorrow and go from there and will post a note next to my bed side don't go to ER unless knocked out....

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I haven't been to the ER for POTS issues. I have gone to urgent care once when I had a stomach virus and felt I needed fluids. I actually had my doc give me a note that he felt I needed fluids because I have POTS and had lost too much and was unable to consume enough to rehydrate. I wasn't given any priority as far as getting back to be evaluated, but, once I was back there, they called my doc and confirmed the issue and got an IV in me right away. Two bags of fluids later, I was a whole new person. Even the staff were shocked that they could visibly see a change in my coloring and overall appearance.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. If you feel like you may benefit from fluids in the future, you might ask your doctor for a note you can keep with you. Other than that, I'm not sure how much the ER will be able to help you. That being said, I do believe that if any of us ever feel like we are in danger, we should go to the ER or Urgent Care regardless of how we may be treated...at least to ensure we aren't having a more serious event.

Take care,


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