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This last few weeks my tachy has been driving me mad especially at night when I lay down then the hot sweats kick in ! today I was feeling awfu ldoing light work in the kitchen and my BP monitor said error twice before I got a reading of 148/87 HR 128. When I took my BP I noticed my forearms and hands were bright red which subsided after I had sat down for about 20 mins. I seem to be having higher BP readings of late before they were always low 60/40 low and 80/60 high at that time so I am wondering if the 3x0.1 florinef is too much. I was told to adjust my dosage on my own observations. Just wondered what others experience with this is?

I am still trying to figure out what kind of POTS I have, my Dr only had a letter saying my POTS diagnosis and still has not had full report from my TTT last August, again I rang the hospital to ask them to send them to be told a full report had not been written:(

The printer was not working when I had my test and I was told the readings of the test would be forwarded to me,I am feeling really annoyed as what was the point of if the results are not available! I am hoping they will forfill my request to write the report. I was hoping it would shed some light as to what is going on with me. Maybe I am just obsessive I need to understand whats happening so I can try to control my life more!

Sorry for the vent feeling a bit down today I have actually accepted I can only work part time and have spent the morning informing clients I am leaving, I realize determination is no longer enough! On the bright side I hope to have a little more energy for myself :)

As always thank you for reading hope your day is the best it can be

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No need to apologize for venting! Sometimes that's the best thing you can do for yourself. I take florinef 0.15 MG 3 x a day. My drs instructions for me was to call them if I was seeing consistent bp s over 150/90. Told me the occasional spike was ok but not staying up there. I am on the florinef to treat my low bp though... so it might be different for you. I have not reached the point of needing to decrease yet, though I do see occasioal spikes.

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Hi Dancer!

I'm sorry that you had to cut your hours back recently. Yesterday sounded like it must have been difficult, I know from your past posts that you have a real passion for what you do. Don't lose hope, though.. I've always thought you sounded like a strong person. I had to stop working 2 years ago and it was the hardest decision I've ever made. I used to coach cheerleading and compete also, when I first started to get sick I had to stop that as well. That was immensely difficult as that was a huge passion of mine. Like you mentioned though, you already have more energy.. which is great news. That was the same in my case, I was able to focus more on getting better and taking care of myself (which I think for women in general tends to get put 2nd), I could really put the effort into going to appointments and treatments.

Regarding the test results, I can't believe you've been waiting since August for the results! It might help to have your primary/general physician to send a request for the report if he/she hasn't already? Also, how far away is the clinic where you had the testing? You could always go there in person.

Take care! Sarah

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Thank you both for your support I try not to get annoyed but the wrong buttons were pushed yesterday, a good vent has left me better today :)

Ancy thank you ! the info on the BP readings was really helpful, not had any guidance on that front from the DRs. Think I may start keeping track a bit more than I have lately. I too was given it for low bp I can say I am very seldom dizzy these days which is a huge bonus, however now I seem to notice the other symptoms more lol!!

Sarah i am sorry you had to give up cheerleading , it is starting to take off over here in the UK , I love watching the cheography! I get the feeling from your post that you felt this was the right thing to do to get things under control, although heart renching , I really needed to hear that :)

I did mention it to GP last time But he wasn't worried but now he has refered me to a pots clinic in London he may be more interested! Good idea! I spoke to consultants secretary for the third time, apparently he no longer does the TTT and recently has semi retired, she is going to request he writes the report but she was quite curt with me as though I was a nuisance, it's hard not to get disheartened by these kinds of attitudes especially when you are polite!

Thanks again

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