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Candesartan (Atacand) (Angiotensin Ii Receptor Blocker)


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I have just started. I had POTS style heart rate symptoms when I was extremely fit which happened to get logged as I used a heart rate monitor for my training. I just didn't think anything of it!

It's only been other autonomic symptoms with asymmetrical flushing and BP and the associated fatigue that has bought me to a halt.

This brought my neurologiat to question if I was having a form of migraine so has decided to try the candesartan as a prophylaxis.

I had terrible headaches on 2mg but have got up to 8mg over the last few days and they have stopped. Its flattened out the extreme peaks in my blood pressure after exercise, raised my low resting heart rate by 5 bpm and although I seem to feel as though I am about to crash after doing a little exercise it seems to resolve after a short sleep rather than a number of days.

It is still early days but by the end of Jan I hope to be able to have a better view on how well its working.

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