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Adrenal Fatigue


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This apparently is another hot "internet disease" used to lure people into costly, odd diagnostic procedures and supplements. Please see sciencebasedmedicine.org, ("Fatigued by a Fake Disease")...this is a a very good site, or "quackwatch.com," ("Be Wary of Fad Diagnoses"). LA Times 9/15/10, also has a good article. All easily googled.

Yes the HPA (hypothalamic/pituitary/adrenal) axis is involved in our disorders....but the focus on adrenal glands is way too simple....

Also, not to be confused with "adrenal insufficiency," a real disorder which results from damage to the glands....

The two sites I mentioned above are my go-to sites as I research practices and supplements, for I, like everyone here I guess, would love to find things to help me... I just wish to see the research!

BTW, I am really open to new ideas (if they are scientifically-supported)...I just read a lot about two chemicals that might be helpful for fatigue ("sickness behavior") linked to dysautonomia and CFS/ME....tianeptine (a prescription antidepressant used everywhere but the U.S.; it is sold by Canadian pharmacies who will take US prescriptions... ) and sulbutiamine, (marketed as a supplement). Meet with neurologist today to discuss...I'll post when I know more...


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We went to a dietician, who diagnosed my son with adrenal fatigue based on the results from a salvia test. We spent a fortune on supplements and he was unable to consume the 15 pills per meal. He ended up at an endocrinologist's office and the doctor found his cortisol levels to be normal. The doctor said she only believed in scientific results and he didn't need to continue with the supplements.

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