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How To Cope With Shortness Of Breath And Failed Pulmonary Tests?


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I wrote a longer intro post yesterday but want to write a much shorter one with my specific questions, hoping for some guidance! I have failed four pulmonary function tests that say I have a restrictive airway disease. Shortness of breath is my #1 symptom and is completely disabling for me, more so than the tachycardia, low BP, etc. I also have a mast cell disease (MCAS.)

My questions are:

- Does anyone else deal with this level of SOB and how do you cope with it without losing hope?

- Have others failed a PFT test and been diagnosed with a restrictive airway/lung disease? (I do not have asthma)

- Can this level of SOB (requiring a wheelchair and PFT's at 70% of normal) be related to dysautonomia or MCAS?

Thank you in advance for any replies. There is so much wisdom on this board and I have been reading a lot of posts from prior years which have been very helpful.

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