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scared and confused

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There's nothing wrong with getting an EP study done by a cardiologist. However, if the doctor is planing an ablation, that's a different story. Many who have a primary diagnosis of an autonomic dysfunction do quite poorly after ablation (burning of nerve bundles in the heart).

There are numerous doctors who help folks like us. These include: cardiologist, EP cardiologist, general practioners, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, and...I've probably left a few out.

Please check out the "help yourself to..." pinned topic at the top of the forum


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Has the cardiologist recommended anything, tried any meds, done any other testing? What are you symptoms.

If you are new at looking into all of this you will probably be most helped initially by a electrophysiologist (specialist in cardiology field) and a Neurologist. If you get a diagnosis of a form of dysautonomia then the other specialist may be helpful in treating other symptoms.

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Welcome April -

Although I'm sorry you have to be here, I'm glad you found the forum. I haven't been here too long myself (although I've been in the dysautonomia world quite awhile) and it's a great group of people.

I agree with the others re: the docs to initially seek out. Unfortunately there is a major shortage of actual autonomic specialists out there, so finding someone you really feel comfortable with is often a challenge. Good luck & peruse old postings on the board when you have a chance....there is a lot of great info.


p.s. what part of the country are you from?

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