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Learning Lessons And Reflecting


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Just sharing...

Since having Pots symptoms....I have been keeping goggle stock up, and reading thru many old posts to try and understand what is happening with me....I am humbled in away that I never have been.....I have been asking myself what trigger this, and what am I going to do to fix it.....

But now that I look back thru life, and all the things that have been issues off and on for years, it probably has been Pots all these years,mint just never triggered all at once. Heart palpitations, Gi issues, twitching,tremors,ect....

I feel like I am going thru the 5 stages of grief...and in the moment, I am going thru acceptance...accepting that life may need to be different, may need to make adjustments,but doesn't mean life stops. I'm am normally what ppl would call a naturally born fighter/survivor,and will not take no for an answer once my mind is it....and whenever something challenging comes my way, will digest, maybe throw a fit, but pretty quickly will list all the positive things...so feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel was a bit new for me....

However I am learning everyday and sometimes multiple times in a day, that with Pots it literally is trail and error and you just learn to apperictae the success as they come and when they error lay down and try again later...literally laying down, also a new concept for me....

This thanksgiving I wasn't feeling very thankful, no was feeling more bitter....but I am being humbled and apperictaeting all the post ppl have posted and all the supportive response and the confirmations of oh yes I get that too....so many ppl fighting and making this journey..

Thank you all for your asking questions and sharing experiences and lessons learned.

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Keep that accepting no for an answer attitude. I've come along way with this and haven't found complete happiness yet but am so much better off knowing what works for me and what doesn't. I'm still searching but get more good days than bad.

I'm to a point where the medical industry can't help me since nothing can be found. On paper I'm perfectly normal. So that's frustrating. I hope you can get some answers..

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