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Colder Temps=Slower Brain


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I have always had trouble with heat, but colder weather was fine if I didn't have to stay outside in it too long. Well, this winter when it drops to the 40s outside, and my house is under 73F while I'm up for the day, my fingers are turning white(raynauds, I guess) and my head feels funny. I am much slower in my thinking process. Even with my heater turned up, it takes hours for me to get to my normal. This is scary!! Anyone else? And why do we have this?

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Not sure why but I usually am worse during winters. For some reason cold doesn't match with me. I feel keeping me warm takes a lot of energy, may be it has to do with blood sugars (I'm very low and pretty high due to the dys)? I know my metabolism is quite high so perhaps that has to do with it?

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