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Compression Socks Strength


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Dr suggested compression socks, but did not say what strength. Went to a medical supply store and rep suggested starting light weight 15-20. I just wondered if anyone found that they were helpful and if so, what did they help with. I.e. Blood pressure or pulse or both. What strength is usually recommended and seem most beneficial and in what way?

The other thing very confusing is knee high vs full tight or pantyhose... I know I could not do thigh, it would bug me with the thighs I have....

Has anyone used spanx under pants as well? Notice any benefits? If so, in what way.

Desperately trying to feel better....any thoughts or experience would be greatly appreciated....so much out on the internet not sure what to think....

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My doc also recommended the 20-30 but also said that if I would not be able to tolerate that amount to try less. Basicly buy something I was willing to wear on a daily basis. I ended up with a mixture of stockings and knee socks. I do find compression helpful, at one point I was using slimming undershirt and shorts,(bought them a size smaller for greater effect) knee compression and knee high compression stockings. It did help me feel better and to tolerate longer periods of activity, especially helped with abdominal pooling which I have a big problem with. Currently only use knee high stockings because I now have a j tube and can't wear the other garments. Hope you find what works for you!

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