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Bright Lights Bothersome?


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I have a relatively new symptom. It has been here for a while, but not anywhere near this pronounced. When I see a bright light (car headlights in side view mirrors, The lasers at airplanes story that was on cnn today).. It makes my body have that 'blood run cold' feeling like after a strong, sharp pain.. only it lasts for hours.. and then I get very nauseated.. Oddly enough headlights coming at me don't bug me that bad.. maybe because they are not there for very long... or maybe the side view / rear view mirrors amplify the light.

Anyone else? is that a Dysautonomic thing?

btw my kids blinky toys freak me out too.. I was tested for epilepsy as a child and that was negative.. No seizures or anything like that.. just terrible feeling.

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Yea it used to be a fleeting yucky feeling but now it is hoursZ face goes all tingly and mildly numb or stiff feeling, tummy problems, nausea, dizziness. Not having fun. It got triggered yesterday and I have jury duty today. I have my feet up and ok to bring in a Gatorade. Praying I don't get picked. I have been sitting for 20 minutes and I already feel terrible. :(

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