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Heavy-Headed And Dizzy


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Sorry if I'm posting too much but I'm new to this and I'm trying to figure it out (without much support from my doctors)

I have CONSTANT head pressure, dizziness and tingling on my scalp. It feels like my head is constantly being squeezed, not too hard just enough to feel tight. And my head feels like it's too heavy to be held up by my neck. My head feels like it weighs a TON! Constantly. I can't find much about others with this symptom. Does anyone else have this?

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Yes, this is exactly the same feeling I get. I was worried that maybe I didn't get the same symptoms everyone else did, since "dizziness" doesn't quite describe the heavy-headed feeling. Rest-assured that you do feel what the rest of us feel.

This helps me, going into a swimming pool neck-deep in water will force the blood upwards and you'll feel some measure of relief from the heavy-headedness.

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