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Headaches- I'm Worried About It Lasting


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So I never got headaches before. Not in the whole 10 months that dizziness has been an intermittent problem for me, and not int the 3 months or so since I discovered POTS heart rate changes (even though they don't always happen now with standing up.)

Occasionally, I'd get one from sitting in the sun too long or sleeping in too much or something like that, but no biggie, it would go away.

For the past couple days, probably due to hormonal and tension causes, I've had many mild headaches and one bad one. This is just the past couple days.

And yet, I'm having all these stupid thoughts that this is the new normal- daily mild headache. I don't know why. I just keep reading all this stuff online about Chronic Daily Headache and all these post of people with headaches for years and........it's just so scary. And my brother had a chronic headache for months (in fact, if I asked him about it now, he'd probably say he still has it, he just doesn't talk about it much anymore).

Monday's afternoon headache made sense- I had gotten very little sleep, took a test, and then ran 3 miles, which was probably too much.

But Tuesday and today I've woken up feeling okay and for some reason TOLD myself "The headache will come on" and lo and behold, it does, and I struggle with mild headache the rest of the day.

What is going on? Were things too good to be true. I would have thought this type of issue would have happened when the rest of my symptoms were bad and when anxiety was higher...months ago. This makes no sense. Why am I so convinced I now have Daily Chronic Headache? Normally my symptoms and problems cycle on and off, so I would think that this would too.

What are people's experiences? Thanks for reading.

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What a bummer to have to deal with this when you are doing better. Hope it does go away and doesn't become a constant struggle for you.

Headaches have been a big problem for me since my onset of symptoms. Definitely got worse when I started midodrine and florinef, I now have a headache on a daily basis and frequent migraines. My Dr is not too concerned about them so far I think he is looking more at the big picture and the state I'd be in without the medications. Right now I just try to manage them the best I can by avoiding triggers and when I have to, take some migraine meds.

Wishing you all the best!

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Do you get migraines? And are your headaches triggered by POTS type stuff, or do they just come and go on their own? I have migraines and remember that when I first got them I would wake up in the morning and there would always be this sort of "off" feeling that let me know a headache was coming on, then I became more aware of the preceding visual aura. My headaches aren't triggered by POTS stuff, but POTS has made me more sensative to getting them.

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visual aura.

Yes, I get this as well. It is called an occular migraine.

I notice it when I am reading something. It feels like there are many small blind spots. Then I have a hard time reading.

Then a zone starts to flash, with wiggly lines. Then it spreads and it clears up. It is possible that it can start up again.

Usually, 1 hour later I have a big headache. Either behind my right eye or left eye.

The solution is to close my eyes and lie down (if I am home).

I have had this since I was 15. It has been more than 20 years.

It happens 2 times a year. Recently, it is more like 3 or 4 times with my dysautonomia symptoms.

My mother has the same issue with these migraines and she says her sister had it too.

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