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Walking Aid?


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Hi everyone, I am not sure how this forum works, I am new to this site and POTS, and I had a question for those who struggle with POTS. I have only been diagnosed with POTS for the past couple of months. Most days I am pretty good and walking isn't really an issue; however, on my bad days, I am really bad. It feels like my legs could collapse at any second. I was thinking of asking my doctor if I should get a cane/crutch to help me on my bad days. My fear is that people are going to think I am lying, because like I said, most days I am good. On my good days, I sometimes even go for a run! But I don't want people to say to me something like "I saw you running the other day, why are you using a cane today? You're fine." What do you think?! Thanks!!

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Hi dm886, Welcome to the forum! I think the explanation you just provided to all of us was perfect. This can be a difficult condition for others to understand,so my advice would be to let them know that you have your good days and bad days and that the cane provides additional support and safety to you on not so good days.

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I agree with Sarah. But, I have to say this, too....you need to be kind to your self and do what you need to do to get through your day and feel safe. Just like any situation, there will be people who have negative things to say. It's not their life or their struggle. If they can't be compassionate and supportive, they (and their opinions)are not worth worrying over. I think many of us have struggled with this particular concept in different ways...getting handicap placards for our vehicles, using a wheelchair some or all of the time, etc..

I had to make the choice to use a wheelchair in order to visit my family that are in FL. I was a little nervous about it but ultimately, it was the best decision I've ever made. I wouldn't have made it through the airports or have been able to do some of the activities we wanted to do if I hadn't used the wheelchair/motorized scooter.

The other struggle like this that I've had has been wearing makeup. I have mcas and about 3 years into being ill, I became allergic to most makeup. I was the girl who never left the house without hair and makeup!! I have found makeup I can wear for a few hours occasionally. But, I can't wear it everyday or I get blisters around my eyes. My vanity had to get checked at the door very quickly. I had to become truly comfortable in my own skin and learn to not care what other people thought of me without my makeup.

I know learning to put other's opinions aside is a difficult thing to learn, but you have to take care of yourself. Using a cane or the like might be emotional at first, but it's better than landing on the floor and hurting yourself.

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