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Documentary - Gardasil Vac. & Pots


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Hi there,

I'm wondering if there are any women out there who suspect the Gardasil vaccination triggered their POTS?

I've questioned this for awhile, and today came across a Danish documentary which explores whether there is a link between POTS and the HPV vaccination.

The documentary echoes what my immunologist said to me - he can't say for sure that the vaccine triggered my POTS, but it is a possibility.

For me, this is not about finding someone or something to blame. I understand that vaccinations cause adverse effects in a small percentage of the population.

I'm just hoping they'll look at the link closer. If they discover why the vaccination potentially causes harm to certain women, then maybe they will be able to develop better treatment options for us. I also strongly believe GPs should be warning women about potential side effects even if they are rare.



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Actually, one of the first questions one of my POTS docs asked me was whether I'd had the gardasil vaccine. She's done some case studies and I think some research on this? At the moment, this article comes to mind: http://drblitshteyn.com/articles/Gardasil_and_POTS.pdf

I'll have to check and see if I can find some more information. I think she has more papers than just this one, but I'm not certain of that...

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Thank you very much ks42. I appreciate you looking into it and will read this article.

The onset of my POTS symptoms occurred shortly after my last Gardasil vaccination, so I feel a link is possible. I was also a very fit person at the time - running 10kms three times a week, and it was interesting to see that 3 out of 4 women who developed POTS after the vaccination were highly active according to the documentary.

Thank you again.

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I agree with you about wanting them to look at the link closer. When medical authorities from around the world are questioning a possible link, I think it warrants attention.

It was reassuring to see that there are doctors like that who are willing to keep pushing for their patients. We need to figure out some way to clone them. :) The very-active-before-pots scenario has popped up quite a bit over the years; I'm curious about that - particularly with the ratio mentioned in the video. It's counterintuitive - we tend to think that more activity makes us more resilient to illness. Maybe it depends on the illness??

Here are a few more medical articles in case you haven't come across them yet:

Japan withdrew their recommendation (and stopped vaccinations) for the gardasil vaccine in 2013 due to adverse reactions and they appear to be taking possible side effects very seriously. This was in their medical news last month.


The next one was published in a peer reviewed medical journal. I wasn't able to access the full article - but this is a link to the abstract.



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