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Thank You Danell!!!!!

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Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Danelle. I saw Dr. Boris today. He sent me for labs and started me on florinef. He understands, WOOOO HOOO.

Havent been in touch because Ive been doing the cardiologist sending me to the neurologist sending me to the endocrinologist sending me to the cardiologist thing.

I think Dr. Boris will help me. He said he will try anyway. The only problem is that he is a pediatric cardiologist and hasnt a clue about short term disability and work stuff. So Im going to Forrest City at the end of June to se a woman cardiologist, Dr Keever, who is supposed to have POTS patients.

I very worried about the future with no clear prognosis. Myemployer will only hold my job until September 14th. Which means my insurance goes with it. Thank God I have short term and long term disability coverage.

What do you do when the insurance is gone? Geez, my meds alone will cost a fortune. Im sure I will be seeing the social security lawyers too. Can you have social security disability and private long term disability insurance at the same time?

The funniest thing that happened today is that my heart rate was 57 when they did the ekg and my bp was 114/79. LOL.

Hope you and everyone are doing well.

Peace and Prayers


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Thanks Janine!! Isn't he awsome?! Glad to hear you made it. Did you ever make it to Duke? If so, what did they do and what did they determine?

My son and I both have had a rough week and a half. :rolleyes: Will catch up with you in the next day or so (depends on my son's appts). Let me know how you are doing.

I never qualified for the STD or the LTD at the hospital because I went PRN before I realized I would have to quit B):) I was determined to keep going but the POTS got the best of me in the end.

Sorry I can't help you with those answers.

WE are beyond struggling for money right now with NO income from me whatsoever. Don't know if we will make it until my hearing.

Sorry everything is so jumbled, my brain fog is overtaking me tonight :blink: WIll catch up with you.


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