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CPAP machine


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Hi everyone,

I got my CPAP machine last week and I feel that it is helping me with my muscle wekness. I have the feeling that the setting should be higher but I don't know how to figure it out.

I was wondering if any of you know when the pressure is high enough to push all the air that I need?



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Thanks Miriam and Corina,

I will check with the doctor. That's fantastic Miriam that you don't need it anymore. You are really improving.


A CPAP is a machine to help us breath when we have sleep apnea.


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Guest Julia59


I'm glad to hear the CPAP machine is helpful. Unfortunately I don't know much more about them other then I was supposed to try one on the second sleep study, but I can't seem to complete the first...... :)

I just wanted to let you know i'm happy for you that it helps you feel better.

Julie :0)

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