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Maoi Effect On Pots


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As noted in previous post I developed Severe depression this summer on top of POTS had for years. Now on Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) for treatment. Very Weird effects on HR.

If anyone has been on this type med with POTS or has any experience with this and POTS respond or PM me please.


My normal blood pressures are elevated lying and standing.


On MAOI my lying HR drops as soon as I lie down lower than it ever has (~66-70), then after a minute to 5 minutes it begins to slowly rise, sometimes pausing but eventually reaching a number (~90-95.) After this it may fluctuate mildly but never goes back to original number while still lying there-or even close to it.

My standing HR, after walking slowly to location to measure it, starts lower, from walking -say 110, then rises slowly to a higher number like 140. It normally never goes this high.


Symptom wise it is hard to tell because my POTS symptoms and standing numbers also are always higher in the morning and my severe depression is worse in the morning, but my best guess is symptoms seem worse than previously- such as when had to stand in line short period.


Anyways if anyone has any experience on this type of RX or literature with POTS (MAO includes Emsam patch-I am on, Nardil, Parnate, Marplan etc.

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