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Bradycardia Confusion


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In bed in the morning my vitals are 120/60 HR 46, movements will send it up such as turning over in bed or moving legs.

How do you know if its meant to be this low or not? Cardiologists don't make nothing of it?

I dont like the feeling of it been too slow!!! When I sit up its then in the 50's, standing even low like 60-70's. The only time my HR is higher like 100-120 is after a lot of food or very hot......

Don't know what to do really!

I feel like my head is constricted and tight so not enough blood flow up there.

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Andy I'm currently getting in touch with my cardio as I'm having brady problems for over half a year now. My hr will come up now and then when OH sets in, like this morning, in bed 112/70-46 and standing 84/68-86 but not always which is when I get in trouble. I've had a 24 hours bp and heart rate test where my average hr came back as 47 (this was in April, it took me some time to get the hr results back!) where I even went to the gym and did some biking and running (I'm hardly able to walk atm let alone ryunning for a few minutes). I'm trying the Levine protocol now and my PT often refers to my low averages so I think it's high time someone experienced will take my data!

You may want to take some measurements during the day and see what your hr does while sitting, standing, walking etc as to give your doctor some data and to discuss whether it needs intervention. Good luck!

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I agree with Corina, those measurements would be helpful. I've been told it's a good sign if it's raising up with movement.

Bradycardia has been an issue for me as well, for about two years, and I've always felt extra symptomatic with it (sluggish, lightheaded, weak, sometimes nausea), especially if I was up and trying to function. Sometimes I could raise it up and sometimes not. I even dragged myself to my recumbent bike one night and tried to raise it up that way. The hr wouldn't budge at all.

It was definitely one of my least favorite symptoms (as if there are *favorite* ones...) because there was nothing I could do to control it and it just felt awful. Being supine provides some relief from my other symptoms, but not from this.

Wellbutrin has been great for helping to raise my heart rate, since the day I started taking it - at least 9 months ago. I don't check it very often anymore - probably because I don't feel the need to - but when I do check it my resting hr is usually in the 60's. It feels much better than 40's.

Corina - I can't even imagine how your heart rate average was 47 and you had been to the gym! Good for you for working on the Levine Protocol. You must be working really hard - it's tough. I hope you get good results. :)

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I would say that Wellbutrin gives me a little more focus and an overall boost. It makes me feel like I can do more. Honestly, it feels very much like the boost I get from coffee - which is a good thing for me now, even though I couldn't tolerate it for the first year. Wellbutrin did raise my blood pressure - which was also a good thing for me. I tucked my BP cuff away in a drawer months ago because I don't feel a need to check it.

So, I would say it helps with constant lightheadedness/ spaciness, but when I stand and the pooling starts I still have the lightheadedness that comes with that. I feel like the NCS side of things is what really limits me. Wellbutrin's a keeper though, I wouldn't want to go back to that sluggishness/brady again. I like the fact that it doesn't alter my mood and it doesn't cause weight gain or some of the other side effects of SSRI's. I only get positive effects from it. If there's a downside, it's the fact that you are not supposed to drink alcohol when taking it.

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