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Complement Testing


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Elevated complement levels need further diagnostic investigation. It is often associated with autoimmune disease, so treatment would really be defined by what the ultimate diagnosis is. I have chronically elevated C4a. We can't come up with a clear diagnosis. I am doing a course of steroids now for it but truthfully it's a temporary fix. It is frustrating for me as well as my immunologist that we can't come up with other clear disease indicators to have more targeted treatment. But if you have more than just one complement elevated, that should help them narrow the disease down. From the research I've done, there are some pretty specific patterns with C3a and C4a in regards to lupus and the same with some other diseases.

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My son has low c3 and has struggled with chronic hives. They have never been able to find the cause of either the low c3 or hives. They tested for lupus but it was negative. For a while the only thing that kept his symptoms in check were steriods. A few months ago they started him on xolair injections and it has helped a lot!! They have not retested the c3 but it is helping greatly with hives and overall well being. I believe you must have hives or chronic asthma for xolair approval though. I do not think just a low level c3 it iteself will qualify for xolair approval, but it maybe worth at least asking.

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I keep track of my abnormal blood tests using a spreadsheet. Immune problems often don't show up in bloodwork all at one time but may leave clues over time. I know a lady who had all the symptoms of lupus for 15 years before her bloodwork showed that she had it. Luckily her docs sisn't wait for the bloodwork as her symptoms were severe. The links above give reasons why C3 might be low. I keep articles like this for reference and to use as a jumping off point for research.

Keep your chin up.


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