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Please! Has anyone found anything that helps with urinary frequency or urgency?

I'm having to go so often, I guess because I'm drinking a lot, but if I'm sitting up or standing I can get desperate quite quickly and I wondered if anybody knows anything that will help?

(Sorry if this is tmi, I just really need to find something that will help)


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I know this may also be in the tmi category but I had a test that showed incomplete emptying. Therefore, when I go, I stay there and wait and then go some more! Lol. Then, no more dribbles. Also, I try to go before I reach that point where I'm in a have to go NOW spot if you know what I mean. When you don't empty the bladder completely, it is easy to get ongoing infections. Just a thought...that may not be the case for you but I thought I'd throw my two cents in. :) I hope you feel better!

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