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What To Do Next? Plus Improvements


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Hey all,

Lately, I've been doing a lot more exercise, my main symptoms are air hunger and shortness of breath, weird light headed feeling and tachycardia(only when hot or after large meal).

My air hunger / SOB, was terrible so intense lots of skipped beats etc, since starting exercise 2 months ago and lowering my florinef to 1/2.5 of a pill per day it has significantly improved from what is was, and its amazing, however its still uncomfortable.

I have been able to start driving, going up to my friends house and girlfriends! I went to her birthday party at her house round the corner, I was stood up 9 hours feeling fine, sitting down inbetween but not because I needed to!!!

So infact I have improved, but no where near a livable life.

We went to the pub for an hour and played snooker! Then I started feeling light headed / not here and we went, but the tachycardia has not been an issue, my hr has been like 70-90 stood up.

I just wonder what to do next,

I have an offer from the doctor to try octreotide,

I just need like a little boost and id probably have a moe livable life.

I was thinking, over the past years I became inactive, while having pots, I think my body may of made a lot more red blood cells to cope but since inactive they dropped maybe.

Just cant bare the shortness of breath I get, especially at rest.

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