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minor surgery...

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Hi everybody, I need some information to take with me to the doctors office. I know I need to look back through the search feature on surgery too...So many folks on here have had surgery lately, I thought I should just post.

I have a cyst/growth that is rather big in size in a gyno related area. I have to go the gyno about it being removed and know sometimes it is done in office, and another person said I may have to go to the hospital. My understanding is places can be numbed and removed, other times you are put on an IV if they are more serious. I think that may be the case for me, because I am running a temperature with this, VERY enlarged lymphs, and the list goes on. Even been getting dehydrated lately with the temp and struggle to keep up on liquids.

With my POTS I know some consideration will be needed to treat me. How much IV fluids should I ask to prior and following? Are there any other considerations or things that should be done to help me get through this well? Somebody mentioned to me that they had to be hospitalized for a place like this because the place was so infected and making them sick. I just want to go into the doctors office very prepared and with print outs backing up my requests.

Any and all ideas are welcome! Thank you in advance. Oh, if any of you had this before, was there anything you could do if the cyst bothered you? Doctor examined me at the end of the week and jammed a speculum against it so many times I am still in great discomfort there and do not know how to help it.

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Very nice of him to jam it several times for you. I am somewhat surprised as often doctors will give pain meds for these types of cysts as they can be very painful.

I would just let him/her know that you prefer this procedure as an outpatient because of the nature of your underlying illness and request IV's. Usually if you ask a doctor in a respectful way as opposed to demanding, (I know, some are dunderheads, but not all) he will probably have no problems complying with your wishes. The real problem doctors face is scheduling outpatient procedures with the hospital. It isn't the doctor, many times it's the hospital.

As far as how much IV you need, I have no idea. If they plan on giving you some kind of sedative, whether general or amnesiac, it would vary, due to when you'd be able to drink. So I can't help you with that.

When I had my allergic reaction my doctor gave me one liter and I felt better, but some people may need much more, or less. It's something to discuss with him.

I have seen these removed in offices and people seem to do fine, be they are generally pretty healthy otherwise. You just might be more comfortable in a place where you can rest for a bit and make sure everything's okay in your body.

I guess that's about all I can come up with. Where you want it done and how much IV depending on whether you have nothing by mouth for awhile, get a general, local, or amnesiac and what antibiotics you are sensitive to. Hope that helps. morgan

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i think that i was supposed to have a full liter of fluids before surgery? and then another during? or do they not give them during surgery? it's kind of a blur. but, they had me there for the first surgery in the mornng so that i would be less dehydrated and got me started on a full liter of fluids right away that they wanted in my system before surgery. they just let it drip as fast as it would go...which wasn't as fast as they would have liked with my itty bitty vein.

the fluids can help keep your bp up during the procedure.

as morgan said...it depends so much on other circumstances of the procedure. and, i'd sure as heck trust her more than i'd trust me, as she is our resident nurse!

good luck with your procedure....


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Thank you all for the suggestions. Today went well and they were as gentle as they could be during the exam. It has been decided that I have to come back tomorrow to see another doctor and decide how to proceed. Without the POTS they are concerned about doing anything in office. The staff said they haven't seen a place like this before and do not know what to even call it other than a cyst. Tomorrow the doctor will decide if it can be done in office but they are leaning towards a hospital right now, and said fluids etc would be done. Better to be on the safe side, but it's got to be dealt with. Causing alot of discomfort, temperature etc. Which of course doesn't help the POTs. I'll let you know what happens.

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