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Hormones Messed Up! Need Help.


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Hello everyone. I wanted to ask about hormonal disbalance.

I just had a lot of blood work done, and it showed so much abnormality in different things. My previous endo doctor did some basic blood work and when that showed normal, she said you don't have any hormonal abnormality and just take SSRI and you will be fine. Although, even on those tests my DHEA was around 1000 and norm high is 700. Also, my cortisol in the morning is showing high almost double, but during the day it is fine. So, now I went to see another endo doc for second opinion and she ran more tests. My cortisol in the morning is still high, like 24, my DHEA is 1086, 17-hydroxypregnenolone is 936 and norm is 53-357, prolactin is high 27 and norm is 4.8-23.3, androstenedione lmcs high 280 and norm is 28-230. Also, for some reason, now i am showing abnormality with thyroid, my thyroxine T4 is high 2.15 with norm of 0.82-1.77.

This is crazy. When I got my results I got scared. It looks like my whole endocrinology system is messed up. This doctor is going to do more tests for me, some blood works and urine test. She said she is not sure what is going on yet, but looks like I could have adrenal hyperplasia. Also, she said that with these results I will never get pregnant and all of these abnormalities need to be fixed.

I just wonder if anyone here was ever diagnosed with either adrenal fatigue or hyperplasia. And if you guys got similar results.

Thanks all.

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