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Motion Sickness

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Since I developed POTS I've found travelling really hard. I feel so sick whilst travelling and I get extremely dizzy afterwards, like lightheaded and as if the ground is moving around beneath me. I have almost a whole day of travelling soon, and I wondered if anyone has any good suggestions for things that help. I've tried a couple of over the counter drugs, (I can't remember what they're called right now) but they didn't help at all. I'd really appreciate any suggestions.



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I have really bad motion sickness too. Bonine is the only OTC med that helps me at any level. My doc has given me a Phenergan script which helps me more. I do have accupressure wrist bands that you can buy at most pharmacies. They are quite an '80s fashion statement but they do help. Also staying hydrated and keeping a stock of snacks....not just one snack but a variety so you can eat what your body feels lime it can take. For example, fruit, pretzels, crackers, animal crackers, a sandwich, salted nuts, KIND bars, yogurt. Keeping just a little food on my stomach is better for me than eating a big meal and then ending up with low sugar an hour or 2 later. Blood sugar fluctuations seem to make the whole experience even worse for me. Hope your trip goes well!

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