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Disscuss Anxiety with me.

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Dear all,

My doctor has never really discussed anxity with me and alot of internet reasearch has filled my brain with alot of crap unfortunatly. I suffer with it alot and let alot of things bother me and scare me, its easy for alot of you to say 'Stay Calm, blah, blah ' but when you suffer it as bad as me you would understand that its not very easy. Despite my Very bad anxiety i have to work and im forced to do normal daily things due to the standard of living i set myself, but i live my life in constant fear. Many of us fear ( or used to ) that we will drop dead and die of a blood clot or heart failure, thats the way i think, 24/7, from waking to sleeping. I suffer with it that bad i hate to talk about my problems because i get worked up, even now im going into a panic attack. I always feel awful, i always think im gonna die and i always think the worst, however much you tell me i still do. My anxiety has gave me Bulimia, im scared to eat food with fat in it, if i do ill puke it back up. It really does stop me doing alot of things, example: Riding a roller coaster, playing football, eating ect. And alot with this i have toput up with Pots. I have felt suicidle, but i dont anymore.

Im 20 and used to be fit and all sorts, now im falling. I need some clear facts on what i should eat, drink and what excersise i can do at home that effective but not to stressful. I get stressed alot and need to calm down, anxiety causes alot of it. The anxiety is actually worse then my POTS, and really stirs up my day. i have at least 5 panic attacks a day, if not more, its really awful. The only thing that will calm me down is sitting at home, but then when i go out im even worse cus im used to bewing at home.

If anyone can offer some support please do.


James x

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Hi, James. I'm a lot like you.

I've found that getting up and moving when the panic sets in helps a lot. As for eating - are you the kind who can feel your heartbeat? I am, many ANSers are... Many of us suffer from postprandial hypotension, where all the blood that goes to the gut to aid in digestion doesn't get back to our brains fast enough, causes irregular h/b and dizziness. Nausea at times. I can feel my h/b falter after I eat, and it makes me avoid food. If you can't feel your heartrate, you may just have these symptoms and not know why.

Fats are harder to digest - that thing about a few smaller meals a day does help, especially if your pancreas is involved and you get diabetic symptoms (the pancreas is a part of the ANS.) Keeps your blood sugar better stabilized. Fluid loading helps, too - moves the food along. I drink at least 15 glasses of water a day, and load up on salt. One more thing that often helps me when I eat: A small cup of coffee with/after my meal. Raises BP a bit, but keep it to a small cup.

I don't know about you, but I've realized in recent days that some of my anxiety has to do with the anger I feel at times, that I live this way. I'm in the process right now of cleaning out my life, making sure I have lots of peaceful time and space to relax as needed. Can you alter your lifestyle at all?

Also, I'm going to be going to a new MD soon, probably to a cardio after that, and I'll be requesting Xanax. I used to take it, but tried for the past couple of years to go without - enough is enough, I decided. I need something to help me relax, and I'm not going to pretend I don't anymore. :)

I know you miss the things you used to like. So do I, but I've found there are many other great things to do out there - things more meaningful than the stuff I once enjoyed. What else can you love in life? Can you discover other talents and abilities?

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Hi James,

Good news about anxiety is that it is treatable and you can recover 100% -- with or without medication the choice is yours.

There are certainly lots of snake oil salsmen out there who just want your money but there are also alot of well researched programs that have good success rates. One of the programs that I worked with is http://www.healingpanic.com/ Bert is really cool and very sincere. Much of his program is free on-line and the actual stuff to order is a good value if you do opt to go that routte.

Feel free to email me off line anytime if you'd like the names of some books ot other therapy options.

There is hope.


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Hi James, I'm giving you a friendly wave as a twenty-something from Britain! It's really good that you can talk to the board about your honest feelings- acknowledging there's aproblem is half the battle won.

Is there a doctor that you trust or get on with near you? I only have ONE GP that I consider worth spending time with, and I know that if I have problems I can always go to him.

There are some charities for people our age to vent and let off steam with- they depend on where you are though, and I'm not sure which part of the UK you live in. Just google something and see what comes up...you never know what might appear.

As for your bulimia, have you tried any treatments? I know that SSRIs (eg- prozac) are sometimes used for Bulimia, Anxiety and POTS_ you could be killing not two birds with one stone, there, but THREE! Maybe worth thinking about?

Sorry you're feeling blue, but feel free to drop me a line anytime.


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Hi James - Anxiety disorder is a very common affliction...so dont feel alone....many many people suffer from this.

I actually have had it myself, but have been able to get it under control with therapy and meds.... As well as some alternative thing such as meditation etc.....

Its hard to live life when you have a constant tape playing in your head 24/7 of what if's....

Please seek counseling.... It is very important to talk about your issues and get help for them.... As well as medication....

You do not have to live the way you are...

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its also important to mention that anxiety itself is a common symptom of POTS. Some of us have bodies that shoot off three times the normal level of adrenaline/noradrenaline in response to orthostatic stress. if your not restless, anxious or hyper after taht there is something wrong with you.

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Thats exactly what i did, and still do sometimes now. If you read my previous post you will understand how much im slipping. But i experienced the same as you, prolly because its the only thing i could control in my life, at the time controlling my body was impossible, and still is to this day.

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I think you need to go to a doctor asap I have been on xanax for panic and anxiety for years. I am 46 and started in the 20's with this problem. Generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. You don't have to live like that! You sound so miserable. please go get some help. I didn't even know what anxiety and depression was at your age, you seem very aware. There are a lot of things to help besides meds, but sometimes they are necessary. Good luck!

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There is a great book written by one of your fellow British mates that is wondeful for this subject. She made the cure for anxiety. It is called "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weeks. It is every anxiety psychologists bible, and it has helped me tremendously - I have been panic attack free for over 6 months after reading it over and over.

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Im actually going to go out and buy that book. Im suposed tyo be in work for 8.00 but i gotta go bank, so il stop of at the book store on the way.

As for doctors, i understand theres meds out there, i was on them, but in my opinion meds just cover up whats already there. If you come of them meds at any time you have had it. It makes your brain release certian toxins to hide the fact your really scared about something. I am going to see a counsiler next week, but i refuse to take any medication. Im determined to get over this.

Thanx for the advice, much apreciated. I feel in a good mood today.

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