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long-lasting skin-indentations

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Hi everyone,

I posted this question as a reply in my introduction thread but thought it should probably be in a new thread where the subject describes the question. If it is redundent please feel free to delete it. My questions aren't so much about symtoms which are bothersome, since a lot of the links you guys gave me give very thorough descriptions or explanations, but some that seem sufficiently weird that maybe understanding them can give me a greater degree of insight into what is wrong...

Firstly, really greasy, sometimes smelly (not a "sweat" smell, more a "putrid" smell, though that is still not a very good description), sweats, especially at night, despite the fact that I have very dry, cracky, skin always on my hands (know that sweats are a common symptom, but the specific character of these sweats is different than what I got before I being sick, hope it doesn't sound too gross though...)

Whenever I sleep or put even a small amount of pressure on my skin I get this linear indentations (look like little trenches in my skin) that stay long after the pressure is removed. Sometimes there is flushing too but not always. I always thought this was a strange symptom because it was usually connected with tingling at the same place, mostly an extremity, so I thought it was related to blood flow, like the blood in the cappillaries didn't refill or didn't empty?

Thanks much,


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Yes! I have "lines on my face" for a long time after my nap each day. I hadn't really thought about this as a POTS symptom but maybe it is.

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i would say you are to dry. how much water/fluids do you take in? should be at least 2 liters a day, me i double that+ to feel good.

also are you replacing your lost vitamins and minerals, they are so important to how you feel, also salt, to help maintain the amount of water/fluid you retain.

as to the "cracks" in your skin, especially on your hands and feet, i was told they are from chronic low blood pressure and poor circulation. i am a huge fan of lotions. on my hands i prefer generic baby lotion, whick i use 6-10 times a day. on my feet, i use bath and body works shea butter cream for feet. i use a very heavy duty file(pumice stone would work also) and file down the tough outer layers of skin till they are somewhat smooth and flexable and then apply the shea butter cream, really thick and rub way) and then put on socks, this i do every other nite. it doesn't stop it but does help.

good luck,


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