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Has anyone been to Beth Isreal Deaconess

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I had a good appointment with my Neurologist today. She is willing to work with us to get some expertise testing done. We were all set to pursue Mayo Clinic because of all the things I've read here. Mayo, just seemed to fint what I wanted AND my insurance will cover it (it won't cover Cleveland and Vanderbilt).

But, my doc interned at Beth Isreal and knows Dr. Freeman. She said they have a good autonomic testing lab and suggested we look into that as well. Well, my insurance will also cover Beth Isreal so know I don't know what to do....

I don't want to give up the quality of the appointment, but there does seem to be some value in my doctor already having connects. She really isn't very familiar with POTS and will have to learn a lot so maybe somewhere she is familiar with is better. She said she'll pursue either one we choose.

So... anyone have expereince at Beth Isreal? What can you share with me about what they offered and what you got out of it?

Thanks for your help!


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I only know what I read about Mayo and I would choose Mayo over the other ones because it is more reknown. One day you might change neurologist for different reason and it would be nice that you have report from a World Known Facility.


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