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Xanax?/ AND I had some dental work done!


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...for the Carbocaine suggestion. Worked like a charm (and this was some deep-tooth work, BTW), and no aftereffects.


For about 3 hours after I got home, I felt somewhat sedated. And better than I've felt for weeks. No h/b irregularities, no adrenaline going through me, just fine - but like I said, a bit sedated. The PVCs started back up in earnest after the anesthesia wore off, especially after I ate dinner (always a problem lately, eating.)

2 questions, for anyone who may know: First, can a hefty dose of Carbocaine have something of a mild, systemic sedative effect?

And second, should I reconsider taking Xanax? I'm on absolutely nothing right now, and I was on it for 2-3 years here and there - stopped it 2 years ago, did pretty well with it..

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JLB, I'm so glad the carbocaine worked for you ... REALLY glad!

I don't know about the sedative effect... I don't think I've experienced that, and I've had a LOT of carbocaine! Perhaps you were experiencing a lovely sense of relief that something you were not looking forward to was finally over and that you made it and you could finally let yourself relax.

As for the xanax, I got a scrip for it when I had my MRI and I'm sooo glad to have it around. I split my pills into quarters and take one before a flight or when I feel particularly tense or upset. Just every once in a while. Works wonders; I don't even feel it working ... I just know it does because I stop feeling icky! I'm med sensitive, and so it doesn't take much to make a postive change. Go for it. It may help you through this tough time you're having with PVCs etc. I have heard that it is sometimes prescribed for tachycardia etc, so it might be just what you need.

I wish I could answer your question about the pvcs or whatever. I haven't a clue what my heart's doing when it's doing its thing. My holter showed more than 1100 irregular beats during that 24 hour period, and I don't know what kind they were. I was told not to worry about it and so I don't. Life's tough enough, you know?

take care,


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