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Severe pain near belly button

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Hi everyone,

The discussion on this stuff running in families has made me think. My sister has also been very sick for over a year. She has unpredictable tachycardia that no doctor has taken seriously. But her most persistant symptom is severe pain in her stomach - right near her belly button - especially after she eats.

She's had numerous tests - even for very rare causes. She's lost a lot of weight and was on a pic line for nutrition for awhile. Now she keeps it under control with heavy pain meds.

Has anyone else hear of this or experienced this with Dysautonomia? Just wondering...



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hi Roselover,

My sister..28 years old...has been suffering for many years with gastro stuff, has undegone many tests and has yet to be treated succeesfully, or even given a real diagnosis. Recently she had been experiencing chest pain and the ekg showed T-waves--abnormal. Being that she was not having a heart attack at the time (and maybe because she's a young female, hate to say it but it's probably true that if she was a man she would have been admitted to the hostpital immediately) they don't know what to make of it. She has not yet explored whether she has POTS. I have reason to believe that also my mom should be tested...The thought for now is too scary for them because they see what I am dealing with. I think that if someone has persistant gastro stuff plus heart stuff, it's worth checking out, especially with a family history.

On another note, I think you mentioned that your husband is a minister, I'm the wife of a rabbi, how do you deal with the constant social situations? Are you up to entertaining?


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I have had the pain around my belly button after eating for a long time. I was diagnosed with Gastric dymotility. Has your sister been evaluated for that. I know of many with delayed gastric emptying who are on TPN. Fortunately mine is mild.

I would think it would very hard to be a wife of a rabbi/minister with all of the social demands. I feel for you.

Take care, Dawn A

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